Saturday, January 27, 2007

My Pretty Naive Woman Theory

Ok, I've caved in and watched the movie out of pressure and respect for my wife. She enjoyed watching this movie and rewatching it over and over again, and why not??
This movie resembles every female's fantasy as most of the other cheesy movies. However, my criticism towards "Pretty Woman" is practically aimed at the unbelievably absurd circumstances and plots that surrounds the whole story. This movie, not only downplays the female brain but also degrades it to believe that the circumstances occuring during the movie are possible. I don't have any problems with the acting as much as the concept. "Pretty Woman" delivers a blow to the rational human mind by presenting a hooker who "not skanky looking as most hookers are" stumbles across a treasure. A loving, rich, powerful, "richard gere"-ish looking male who is willing to give her everything that she can ever dream of, and for what??? few simple nights of romantic sex that turns into passionate love beyond explanation.
Wow..!!! Bravo..!! Could that even make sense if you think about the weird circumstances that brought those two characters together. It is true the movie touches a few moral notes worthy of mentioning, such as the fact that judgment should not be casted based on outside appearances. A tremendous piece of wisdom that has been accomplished many many times if you ever watched sesame street for once. The absurdity of "Pretty Woman", to me, at least centers around how the writer of the story took a simplistic story and coupled it with unbelievably absurd facts to draw and plot a mega-million movie that centers around "if you think about it just for a few seconds" a story that does not make any sense and takes complete advantage of a naive fantasy.

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