Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hey Pappy, Are n't You Gonna Do Some Politik'n..!!!

I've recently had a brief conversation with a dear friend of mine about the war in Iraq. Of course the conversation did not start like that and we honestly did not plan to end it there. Unfortunately, the conversation lacked a focal ingredient which is the availability of a savvy political brain. Therefore, if you have one of those, then I sincerely urge you to stop reading right now. Before I dive into the essence of the conversation, I think it is important to shed some light upon our political backgrounds and affiliations in order to decide whether our line of thinking is biased or justified or neither. My friend is a renewed catholic single parent, born to a dual religions parents and grew up as a rebellious individual who cherished experimentation and outside-the-box style of behavior after raising up in the shadows of her sister. Surprisingly enough, my friend is a republican who believes in the necessity of having something to believe in. Despite all the amazingly crazy decisions she made in her life, she is completely coherent, smart, and completely devoted to her only daughter and small family. I, on the other hand, was raised in a one dimensional society that sees things through the eyes of the government "a monarchy" and what they like to interpret as "religious/cultural/virtuous/bs... etc,." teaching. As a result, I grew up with a misleading sense of nationality and complete disregard to patriotic values. So my friend thought that the current trend of violence against America in Iraq is completely understood and should have been anticipated because it's ridiculous to expect any nation to accept with open arms the values that the US is trying to install in Iraq, even if these values are of freedom, self-regulation, and whatever good Samaritan American values you could think of. Therefore, in her opinion, even though the US attempted to relieve Iraq of a tyrannical regime, the unwelcoming signs are justified because the US has no right in imposing what they believe in on other nations regardless of how noble the idea is. In summary, no one likes to be forced to act in such a manner even if such enforcement was noble in nature. I had a major disagreement with her argument. Mainly, because of my skepticism when a governmental entity acts upon something. My whole take with respect to this war is centered on the fact that this war is a product of Xs and Os instead of Good and Evil. I feel that it's completely motivated by energy strategy and interests rather than the desire to impose societal freedom and liberty. This tyrannical regime in Iraq was not born yesterday and it's not the only one of its kind. However, for some reason, documentaries started showing up everyday on your tv screen and inciting you on the gruesome nature of Saddam's regime. Sadam yanked the Kurds in 1998 while the whole world was watching. In case you have not read that correctly, Yes it was 1998. So, why did it take the liberators almost 5 years to free Iraq and its people of its bad regime. Goodwill or something else?? You know what my guess is. If it was the US's intentions to liberate nations to harvest the tasty fruits of democracy, then Iraq is at the bottom of that list. My take is that, it's a war of interests. Some people can justify that as the price of freedom and global dominance that a country has to attain in order to preserve its interests. They might be right or not but my only take is that it's a sad reality that innocent people and soldiers are dying for a deceived reason. Why?? as Eric Bana as "Hector" once said: "for a one man's greed"

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Joost Mania

[edit] I was finally able to get an invitation "special thanks to Eirik Solheim" - I am really impressed with the quality of Joost; however, there's still more to be provided in terms of channels selection, which I think something to be improved in the future. I would like to invite people along but for some reason my invitation box is empty. The Joost website seems to indicate that more will be distributed in the future. So post a comment anywhere and I'll make sure to spread the love when those invitations start rolling in.

[update] Invitations are available, post if wanted one...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Who is Hugo Chavez????

The same question was asked by my wife when I decided to bring home the documentary "the revolution will not be televised". I responded: He is the Venezuelan president. At the time, all I could think of is what I read through the media. He is the enemy of the new world democracy. A stupid "commy" as one of my fellow American co-worker decided to put it. A modern day dictator who idolizes Castro and believes in state nationalism and the overthrow of neo-liberalism and positive globalization. My wife responded "what an ass..!!". It's so easy casting judgment on individuals using second-hand sources. This drew me to think that the exact same shadow that undermines Blacks in America, Arabs in the western world, and even Jews in the Arab world is a product of the same prejudicial values and the common perception that "if someone else is saying it, then it's gotta be true". I actually came to this realization after seeing the documentary "The Revolution Will not be Televised".
I won't say much about Hugo Chavez except that I am reserving my moral and political judgment until I really filter through my brain "and only my brain" who Hugo Cavez is. So far, Chavez definitely does not strike me as a dictator or a socialist beast who thrives over power and blinding greed. I don't know what opinion to make of him but I suggest that you watch the clip before you make up yours.

Click on this text if you to be guided to the full length of the movie... Enjoy

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Love is not about Sex

This is my first try-out to post a movie link and I am intending to post a couple of clips a month for clips that I thought were amazing. This is just an attempt for me to keep this blog rolling when there's nothing to say and thoughts to share. I personally liked "40 yr old virgin" and thought it was THE comedy movie of its year.

Monday, February 26, 2007

A Stinky Piece of Life

This post is considered a milestone achievement. Currently I am posting using my blackberry while attending to my business on the toilet at my work public restroom. This is unprecedented and enormous especially for a person whose life does not get any more exciting than this. Although usually in situations like these, I am more occupied with the idea of how to get out of this place with the absolute minimum amount of physical contacts between myself and any object in this restroom or the fact that to get out of the stall, I will have to risk my life and lift that lever to open the door. A frightening experience considering the fact that it's the only object in this whole place where you know for absolute certainty that for everyone who touched it before you, they did it before they wash their hands..!!
Therefore, I thought of stepping outside my thoughts today and take the time to document this moment.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Song in progress

This is a song that's being written, re-written, and re-written further more. The lyrics are in the 80% completion range while the tunes are still in progress. My hope for this song is just like my hopes to get the sweet baby to the left. Highly ambitous but with a huge lack of guts...!!

Here are the lyrics:

Bottle Water, Sky & Flame
All in terms
Result in a ratio

Waking up to the baddest dreams
still smiling
but to block my screams

Bottle Water, Sky & Flame
All in terms
Result in a ratio

Looking down & through the streets
Sideways are empty
though noise still a beat

Bottle Water, Sky & Flame
All in terms
Result in a ratio

Look at me and I'll look away
Why I do that
I don't have a clue

Scared of leaving yet don't want to stay
People talk while walking away
& I float through games of ratios

Saturday, January 27, 2007

My Pretty Naive Woman Theory

Ok, I've caved in and watched the movie out of pressure and respect for my wife. She enjoyed watching this movie and rewatching it over and over again, and why not??
This movie resembles every female's fantasy as most of the other cheesy movies. However, my criticism towards "Pretty Woman" is practically aimed at the unbelievably absurd circumstances and plots that surrounds the whole story. This movie, not only downplays the female brain but also degrades it to believe that the circumstances occuring during the movie are possible. I don't have any problems with the acting as much as the concept. "Pretty Woman" delivers a blow to the rational human mind by presenting a hooker who "not skanky looking as most hookers are" stumbles across a treasure. A loving, rich, powerful, "richard gere"-ish looking male who is willing to give her everything that she can ever dream of, and for what??? few simple nights of romantic sex that turns into passionate love beyond explanation.
Wow..!!! Bravo..!! Could that even make sense if you think about the weird circumstances that brought those two characters together. It is true the movie touches a few moral notes worthy of mentioning, such as the fact that judgment should not be casted based on outside appearances. A tremendous piece of wisdom that has been accomplished many many times if you ever watched sesame street for once. The absurdity of "Pretty Woman", to me, at least centers around how the writer of the story took a simplistic story and coupled it with unbelievably absurd facts to draw and plot a mega-million movie that centers around "if you think about it just for a few seconds" a story that does not make any sense and takes complete advantage of a naive fantasy.