Monday, February 26, 2007

A Stinky Piece of Life

This post is considered a milestone achievement. Currently I am posting using my blackberry while attending to my business on the toilet at my work public restroom. This is unprecedented and enormous especially for a person whose life does not get any more exciting than this. Although usually in situations like these, I am more occupied with the idea of how to get out of this place with the absolute minimum amount of physical contacts between myself and any object in this restroom or the fact that to get out of the stall, I will have to risk my life and lift that lever to open the door. A frightening experience considering the fact that it's the only object in this whole place where you know for absolute certainty that for everyone who touched it before you, they did it before they wash their hands..!!
Therefore, I thought of stepping outside my thoughts today and take the time to document this moment.

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