Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Who is Hugo Chavez????

The same question was asked by my wife when I decided to bring home the documentary "the revolution will not be televised". I responded: He is the Venezuelan president. At the time, all I could think of is what I read through the media. He is the enemy of the new world democracy. A stupid "commy" as one of my fellow American co-worker decided to put it. A modern day dictator who idolizes Castro and believes in state nationalism and the overthrow of neo-liberalism and positive globalization. My wife responded "what an ass..!!". It's so easy casting judgment on individuals using second-hand sources. This drew me to think that the exact same shadow that undermines Blacks in America, Arabs in the western world, and even Jews in the Arab world is a product of the same prejudicial values and the common perception that "if someone else is saying it, then it's gotta be true". I actually came to this realization after seeing the documentary "The Revolution Will not be Televised".
I won't say much about Hugo Chavez except that I am reserving my moral and political judgment until I really filter through my brain "and only my brain" who Hugo Cavez is. So far, Chavez definitely does not strike me as a dictator or a socialist beast who thrives over power and blinding greed. I don't know what opinion to make of him but I suggest that you watch the clip before you make up yours.

Click on this text if you to be guided to the full length of the movie... Enjoy


s208 said...

Well, i just saw your post about Hugo Chavez an i have to give my opinion about it,when i start to watch the documentary I thought Chavez saw himself as a savior, using words like "if i have to go to the 5th hell for Venezuela, ill go" but the thing that really surprise me was the way people react, they look like a fanatics, it actually reminds me Hitler, the way he talks, he reacts, with anger, passion, the way people react to him and defend him scares me, at the documentary they look like a cursed people, hypnotized, it seems they saw him as a saint, as an aswear to their problems. But after i keep watching the documentary i notie that they was just one side of the story, i almost can say the bad side of the story, it doesnt show if chavez being a president did one good thing for venezuela so it kind of make me doubt about what i saw, because up to now chavez has been re. elected 2 times and after clear my thoughts i feel that u cant judge someone from the outside, living in other country, the only ones who actually can judge or paise Chavez actions is the people who live in venezuela, because maybe to the outside world (even i think) that steal foreign enterprises and nacionalize them is bad or at least it look bad, but we dont know if by doing this the people in venezuela could live better, I think that at some point what chavez is doing, is saying i care about my people so ill do wathever it takes to help them, So as i said, time will have the last word about this, as Juarez says, "El respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz" P.S. Is this an interesting comment enough to be awarded ??. Thanks

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